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Shanghai permanent star solenoid valve and you meet the eighth Shanghai Internat

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  Suzhou Changfeng recently introduced the "water pollution prevention action plan" clear requirements, to 2020 period to improve water environmental quality and water quality in seven major river basin excellent proportion reached more than 70%, the city sewage treatment rate reached about 95%. Industry experts pointed out that the introduction of policies for the "water treatment field" opened a trillion business opportunities, will promote the rapid growth of China's environmental protection industry.

  In the premise of double favorable policy and market, the Shanghai international water show has become a top quality international water treatment exhibition. The world's largest, highest quality, most professional, and relocation center - the National Exhibition for the first time the world's largest exhibition center (Shanghai Hongqiao business district), the whole scale expanded to 100 thousand square meters, there will be more than 30 countries, more than 2000 exhibitors in order to better promote the quality of our products and the solenoid valve to enhance the company's image, our staff has made sufficient professional knowledge before training, and equipped with the company's sample physical display, 500 sets of product brochures, the 500 valve single page publicity materials.

In this competitive society, maybe some customers will ask a lot of things, Shanghai Yongxing originally made the rocker switch, button switch, micro switch, connectors and other products, what time to start in the valve industry? In fact, our company in 2009 has begun to develop solenoid valve products, was specially developed to Angel and beauty of the Qing Lake, to the market relatively late. Although we are a little bit late than the individual enterprises, but it does not affect us to do a good job of high quality solenoid valve product confidence, to meet the needs of our customers.

Here, someone might ask, "where is your product?"

Shanghai Yongxing solenoid valve main advantages in our body are made of POM material, quick joint are domestic famous manufacturers and foreign Jhone Guest Fittings (DCC buckle), and the products meet the national CQC and the "drinking water health standards", reliable quality, coupled with the Qinyuan Angel are in use, and have you trusted.


  In the current water development, Shanghai Yongxing valve booth No. 7 room 9 District No. 315, an area of 9 square meters, then, in the 2015 Shanghai International Water Exhibition (June 10th -6 months 12), a new image of the Shanghai Yongxing electromagnetic valve will be presented in front of you, I hope you all to visit the new and old customers.