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Shanghai eternal star electronic switch 30th anniversary celebration and nationa

Publication time:2015-06-03      Article source:

 In May 18, 2015, Shanghai Yongxing electronic switch Co. 30th anniversary Qing and national dealers will be held in Songjiang Sijing cultural center in Shanghai. The celebration of a warm atmosphere, guests gathered. The leading group, the national distributors, partners, guests, friends and Shanghai Yong Xing electronic switch company staff nearly thousands of people participated in the celebration, witness the exciting moment of the star switch.

Years before we watch the trailer Yongxing switch for 30 years, reviewed the Yongxing switch for thirty years.

  Mr. Zhu Zhongxing, chairman of permanent star switch. He briefly reviewed the thirty years of wind and rain development of the star switching company. Shanghai Yongxing electronic switch Co. Ltd. was founded in 1985 in Shanghai, is one of the famous manufacturers of domestic production and sales of electrical switches, connectors and other electrical products at present, factory existing products into nine categories: button switch, rocker switch, micro switch, terminals, refrigerator door switch, toggle switch, indicator light, small fuse holder, junction box, buzzer and so on, which can be derived from more than 4000 kinds of products. Products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, communications, audio and video, household appliances, medical equipment and other fields. Over the years, our products with beautiful appearance, excellent performance, stable and reliable quality and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of users at home and abroad.

  Finally, he represented the company to years of care and support the development of the company leaders at all levels, the relevant associations and brothers and the community to express our sincere gratitude to the company for a long time, but also fight line market, the hard work of the franchisee, the staff to express my heartfelt thanks.

  Forever star switch today's remarkable achievements in addition to inseparable from the country's many dealer partners, but also leave the efforts of all staff. This year's annual meeting was awarded the loyalty dedication award, the outstanding achievement award, the sincere cooperation award and so on.