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Life test method and troubleshooting of ship type switch

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Brief introduction of ship type switch:         
  Ship type switch is also known as rocker switch. Its structure is the same as button switch, but the button handle is replaced by ship type switch. Ship type switch is often used as power switch of electronic equipment, and its contact points are divided into single pole single throw (SPDT) and double pole double throw (DPDT).

Switch type:           
 Single pole single throw: one moving contact and one static contact. Only one channel            Single pole double throw: one moving contact and two static contacts (static contacts on both sides can be connected respectively)            DPST, 2 moving contacts and 2 static contacts, with 2 channels            DPDT, 2 moving contacts and 4 static contacts, with 4 channels (2 static contacts on both sides can be connected respectively)

Application range:           
 Ship type switch is used in drinking machine, treadmill, computer speaker, battery car, motorcycle, ion TV, coffee pot, row plug, massage machine, etc., mainly for household appliances.

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Test method for service life of ship type switch:     
    It mainly tests the opening and closing times until it is damaged. If it is not manually operated, a small motor can be used to drive the eccentric opening and closing switch, and the counter is used to record the times! This switch requires safety certification. CQC is used when the product is sold in China. If the product is sold abroad, it depends on the country to which the product is sold. For example, the United States needs UL safety certification, Canada needs cul safety certification, and European countries have VDE, ENEC, TUV and other safety certification.

Fault problems:       
    Ship switch, the red light is very common when connected. Sometimes it can't be turned off, that is, it can't bounce back, and the air switch often jumps.

Troubleshooting methods:         
  There is a metal plate inside the ship switch. There is a spring fulcrum in the middle. The spring displacement and the plastic bracket are aged and deformed. The switch is not flexible. It can be disassembled after power failure. If the plastic parts are not damaged, it may be recovered. The zero line inside the switch is straight through, which has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if the switch trips the air switch, the insulation layer of the zero line of the switch will be damaged. The damaged section can be cut off and rewired. Pay attention to the insulation to ensure. It may also be that there is a short circuit in the pin of the indicator lamp, so rewire it.

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